Saturday, May 12, 2012

This summer

omgomgomg I super super miss watching Japanese dramas.

I'm watching 「私が恋愛できない理由」right now. At first, it was for Japanese practice because I hadn't touched Japanese in TWO YEARS, and I really want to interview for an internship at this Japanese TV production company in Brooklyn, so gotta brush up on some nihongo yo.

It's really hard reverting from one language to another though. I was taking Chinese this semester, so that's pretty fresh in my mind. I bumped into Sueun the other day and he started speaking Japanese to me. I understood perfectly, but only Korean came out in response, since I had just taken Korean last semester (+ was living in Korea).

"You've forgotten Japanese, haven't you?" I nodded in reply. It was so sad, but so true.

Now that I'm trying to get used to using Japanese again, my brain is just so so confused. I speak to my parents in Chinese, I occasionally text Patrick in Korean, and now I'm trying to fucking pin my Japanese back down.

The goal: to catch 'em all. I wanna be a language master.

Ahhhhhh, when am I gonna start working out again btw?? What happened to working out every day starting Tuesday? It's..... already Saturday.

This summer:
-Write spec scripts.
-Write something everyday.
-Practice all the languages?
-Work out everyday.
-Learn Photoshop.
-And still find time to read and catch up on TV.

Anyway, the drama. It's not exactly the best (What happened to the Long Vacation's and BOSS's?), but it's cute enough to keep me going. I miss squealing over romances, and I just love that this drama is about 3 girls trying to find love. I'm such a sucker for stories like this because they just make me so happy and so hopeful.

This summer, cont'd:
-Meet someone?

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