Sunday, May 13, 2012

A pseudo-epistle


This time, the address is toward the males, not the general audience, as I always like to refer to yall.

You guys are just destroying my faith in humanity with every day. In the past year, there have already been way too many instances where I have experienced your kind cheating on your significant others, with no seeming guilt.

How am I supposed to feel okay about dating for the first time when guys don't even seem to be trusted? Patrick says that maybe it's just the guys that I happen to meet, but what kind of "coincidence" is that? That every guy I have some sort of relations with IS FUCKING CHEATING ON SOMEONE. Patrick then proceeded to tell me that he read in GQ that it's actually okay to cheat.


I really prefer that the rules of dating don't drastically change when I go out there because I'll have no fucking idea how to navigate the system and just end up being a dried up old person in this new world. I haven't even gotten to navigate it as a new person yet! What the fuck am I supposed to do?

But maybe half of the fault does lie on us. For letting them cheat.

Maybe I am the despicable one after all.

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