Wednesday, April 11, 2012

why write

It took me three years doing this major to realize I'm not cut out for it. It's too late to change majors now.


What now?

Marketing is interesting because I get to learn about behavior without the essays. I don't care enough to create campaigns for random companies, maintaining brand image, or spreading word of mouth. I just enjoy learning about people's motivations, telling stories, and creating perfect lists of three.

I guess what matches my interests and needs more is something that allows me to truly practice the art of human emotion and relationship that has always interested me.

I'm all about the craziness of life, instead of the nitty-gritty practicality. Every time I try to expand my mind, this business school just cuts me down and says, "No, do what's been done because we know it works."

But I think the most amazing moments in life happen when you say yes, to uncertainty, to what may lie ahead.

Even in this time of seeming despair, I don't feel destroyed by the monstrous unknown. I strangely am still able to cling onto a twig of hope.

This is new, but this is nice.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 Things

5 Things That Made Me Happy Recently:
  1. My super ability to be in the mood to churn out quality cover letter after cover letter the other day and knock out 6 internship applications.
  2. Getting a new super soft (and free!) mattress to sleep on. I never wanna get out of bed ever again. As a matter of fact, guess where this post is being written?
  3. Being done with midterms. Freedom tastes so so sweet.
  4. Reconnecting with some people for a bit and possibly being able to hang out with them soon: Derek, Willie, and maybe even Will.
  5. Having one-on-one personal talks and doing nails together with Han like the old days when we used to live together.