Monday, May 14, 2012

green baby that clean

Now that I actually have all the time in the world to start writing, I just don't. I tried to make it a habit to write every day, which I've actually accomplished so far, either here or elsewhere. However, what I really need to get done is my two spec scripts. But for some reason, now it's kind of registered in my head as 'work,' so it's getting harder for me to actually do the 'work.' 

So instead I spent like 5 hours organizing my music. Adding album artwork is so much fun and makes everything so much prettier. Best at doing nothing.

Today I went shopping and bought over $200 worth of clothes. I cry so hard and am not allowed to shop for like half a year now.

I've actually been working out now. :] I bought running shoes for the first time in my life and omg, they're fucking comfortable as FUUUUCK. I feel like I'm running on clouds. My first pair of Nikes, I see what all the hype is about finally.

Also, I have no fucking idea what to cook because I just don't like homemade food. For some reason it just tastes gross to me. I'll buy meat but then leave it in the freezer to the point where it's probably inedible. I swear I still have a pound of ground beef frozen in my freezer since February. 

Today I wandered around the grocery store for an hour and then ended up coming home with a box of Easy Mac, Hot Pockets, and a mango. A mango. Singular. For dinner, I scrambled eggs and ate them with week-old rice. 

I just juggle through the same 3 dishes: duck egg congee (it's a LOT easier to make than it sounds like), eggs with rice, and spaghetti and cheese. I legit ate spaghetti and cheese every day for a whole month in March.

The disorganization of this whole entry reflects the complete disorder my brain is currently going through as I haven't established a proper summer schedule under which to navigate each day. I've been stuck in such a strict routine for five months now that I'm unable to function without that order anymore. aggghhhhfkgjkfhhhh

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  1. I LOVE ORGANIZING MY MUSIC. It takes me like half a day to do it but yes adding album art makes everything wonderful. I haven't really gone shopping yet, but I have already spent $100 on new shoes lol. Did you buy the clothes from Urban Outfitters? Cause it's very easy to spend $200 in that store..What kind of Nikes did you get? I have Nike running shoes as well-they're seriously the best. I have also been working out, because I seriously look like a pregnant lady when I sit down cause all my fat pops out LOLZ. I also bought a mango (singular) last week. It's still in my fridge because I don't know what to do with it. I pretty much eat the same things everyday too. Anyway, I'm going to summer school in a few weeks. I'm still trying to find a job, but I haven't had any luck yet :/ And yeah, we should Skype soon.