Sunday, February 19, 2012

thou shall complete thy tasks

My dream handwriting.
I'm currently just browsing Goodreads to look for books for me to read, but the thing is, I'm currently reading both The Trial and The Idiot and not even close to finishing either of the two. I do the same thing with TV shows. I'm not even fully caught up with Archer or done with Bored to Death, but just yesterday, I decided to start marathoning Veronica Mars. Finish something, me! D:

And what happened to me wanting to write once a week? I'm sad to say that I haven't even written anything for a second. I'm really enjoying reading the writing book that Iris got me for my birthday (<3) but then I just don't get up and start writing. I just read about writing and think about writing and I'm sitting here writing about writing for god's sake, but I don't write.

I have so much homework this President's Day weekend and of course, I've just wasted my time away doing nothing. I'm not even in the mood to shower right now. Why my life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

That place between my eyes at the top of my nose hurts.

Well this is how I'll be looking for the week. I went to the eye doctor since I haven't gotten my eyes rechecked for two years now (woops), and surprise, my prescription has completely changed. I had to get all new contacts and glasses, but it also turns out that my eyes have completely dried out during my contact-wearing period. Sooo the doctor says I can't wear contacts for a week and have to apply eye drops every hour to remoisten my eyes. Bah. I haven't worn glasses regularly for a while now, so it's already getting uncomfortable and it's only day 2, sigh.

I now manage to wake up naturally after 8 hours of sleep, but I still end up getting dead tired in the middle of the day. Why bodyyyy.

I have an interview tonight (FINALLLY), but it's a phone interview. I've never done one of those, and I'm not the type of person who gets nervous, but this time, I kind of am because if all you have to rely on is purely what I'm saying, you'll hear that I usually don't know what I'm talking about. I need my gestures and body language to convey my confidence. Oh well, at least I don't have to dress up. Boo business casual.

In my TV Nation class, we're divided up into writers, producers, and network execs in order to replicate the TV industry environment. However, when we went to sign up, my class full of Tischies all ran for the network exec spots, surprising me to the fullest, because I thought everyone was more comfortable with being creative. But then I realized that no one is actually comfortable with being creative because it's so self-exposing, and sometimes you need a break if that's all you do. Well, I was vying for a network exec spot too, seeing as that's what I aim to become in the business, but network exec and producer spots filled up in a flash.

So I'm a writer.

I've constantly had this fleeting dream of becoming a writer, if only I was creative enough, had flashes of creative genius enough, felt like writing enough. I know this isn't real, but it's kind of scary, having to impress the producers and network execs with my own ideas, but at the same time exciting. I'm not afraid of taking risks, which I consider one of my strengths, and yes, I am prepping for my interview while I am writing this.

Yesterday I didn't feel like cooking, so I ordered the same Dominos order I ordered for the Super Bowl.

Monday, February 6, 2012


5 Things That Made Me Happy Recently:
  1. Being artsy - Creativity opens the mind. I hate being in this business school where even though they strive for "innovative thinking," no one here seems to expand their mind beyond finance and stocks. The other day, I handmade 6 coasters and started making my planner, and both activities made me as gleeful as can be.
    I like the 2 on the bottom left the best. :)

  2. Self-sustainable living - No, I'm not as hardcore as this wording comes off as. By "self-sustainable," I mean my being able to fend for myself in survival skills. I prepared all my meals on Friday- grilled cheese, spaghetti, ramen. Albeit, they aren't the healthiest meals, but I'm gettin' there. I even worked out! But only for 30 mins instead of the designated one hour D:
  3. Cheap grocery shopping in Chinatown - omg, I didn't realize how cheap food in Chinatown was!! I bought a box of fresh Driscoll strawberries for $1.50, a bag of clementine oranges for $2.50, a pound of grapes for $1, and 2 heads of broccoli for $1. :D Ahh, the cheapness is tingling my Asian genes to giddiness~~
  4. The most recent episode of Parks & Rec - It was so great!! I haven't laughed so hard in so long. Classic Parks & Rec being classic. :] And omg Martin Starr! I had to pause the TV so that I could sufficiently freak out.
  5. Knowing TV to a good extent - In TV Management, I was able to answer several questions regarding the technicalities of the television industry, making me feel so knowledgeable about the industry I want to be in. I also just love that class. ♥