Friday, May 25, 2012


Wow, that was the most realistic ending I've ever seen in a drama.

Spoiler alert for Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu:
This whole time, you assume the girls are going to end up with their guys, despite all the troubles, because this is a drama, so the girl always ends up with the guy.

Yet that's exactly what didn't happen.
-Saki was in love with a married man. That's the shittiest situation to be in because it's kind of terrible to force him into a situation where he would have to cheat on or leave his wife. She thought about it and decided in the end that it was best that he stayed with his wife, since the wife really wanted to make it work, so she broke it off. She was probably the character with the worst luck with guys, but even though she didn't have anyone at the end, she finally got a job that she wanted and things aren't so bad after all.

-Mako started to realize that she liked the chef, but she doesn't jump into it suddenly. It ends with her finally accepting the fact and continuing to live on to see what happens. You don't know if the chef likes her back or not because guys don't always like you back anyway, but there's hope in this new possibility for her.

-And finally, Emi had to decide whether or not to go off to America with Yuu, her best friend whom she's been in love with this whole time. Normally, any show or movie would have the girl/guy run after her/his love because ~*love conquers all*~, but Emi in the end decides to stay in Japan because she doesn't want to get rid of her life just for love when she still doesn't know exactly what she wants to do in life. Granted, she said that she wanted to be close to her loved ones, but I felt that that was kind of a bold move on a TV drama's part because they always have the heroine make the sweeping life-changing decision, no matter how risky and unrealistic it seems in real life. It was kind of great that they made Emi choose to stay even though she loved Yuu because not anyone can just drop everything and follow their love wherever they go if they haven't figured out their life yet. And that's not really the sensible thing to do either.

I love how in the end, the drama smartly revolved around a great theme: Love really isn't all that simple and can't really take over your life because there's so much more to life than love. However, it can be a really wonderful piece of life, so you shouldn't cut it out of your life altogether either.

It was adorable how the last bit of the finale was shot live. I really love that the Japanese drama genre is starting to embrace some live shooting because I think live television is one of the most magical things ever.
/end drama talk.

Then I feel like I'm so adamant on pursuing love right now because I don't even have the other parts of my life, so I'm trying so hard to get this piece in play.

My four quadrants of life:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Work
4. Love

I'm 1 out of 4, the one which is family, which you're born with, so it's an automatic fill. I'm not having the best rate, guys.

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