Friday, May 25, 2012

Stephen Caribbean

Yesterday, Urban Outfitters was hosting this event where you could decorate your own Munny in participating stores or go to the huge 5th Ave store and get yours personally designed by a kidrobot artist.

Patrick and I went to the 14th St one to do-it-ourselves decorate because it was close by. God dang, it was pouring like fuuuuuck by the way. Seriously, New York, it didn't rain at all in April and now May is dropping deuces like it had Taco Bell for every meal. Because we would've been soaked it we went outside again, we decided that taking our time decorating our Munnys inside Urban wouldn't be too bad.

We were given free markers, glitter, and glue. I hadn't done anything arts-and-craftsy with my hands for a long time, and I've got to say, those were the most relaxing 2 hours I had in a while. Across the table from us were a group of elementary aged kids decorating as well while chatting. Listening to their conversations while coloring just reminded me of the innocent old days of being young. It was really nice to not have anything to worry about, except for which color to color the Munny's arms with.

Above is my finished result. It's a standing hippo dude wearing a hat with glitter flowers. I named him Stephen Caribbean. Just being in an environment that enveloped me in youthfulness started bringing back memories of my younger self, and how when I used to draw pictures for fun, I would draw peace signs and yin-yang signs on everything. So you can't see it in the picture, but Stephen has a purple peace sign drawn on the back of his head.

"Does this mean I was a hippie?" I inquired to Patrick.

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