Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today, instead of going to the Prague people picnic, I lied in bed playing Scramble and Angry Birds for 2 hours.

Instead of making lunch, I decided to buy lunch. But instead of going out to buy lunch, I ordered pasta from Domino's.

I studied some Chinese, and then it was time to go to my Chinese class dinner. Everyone was really nice, albeit the dinner was damn awkward the whole time, our not knowing how to act in front of our teacher in this casual setting. I kept failing at eating, no matter how hard I tried to be dainty. Arms was super nice to me :] I felt like a total "pimpette," as Patrick denotes it, the whole time because I had all the guys in my class at my fingertips to hang out, but alas, nothing came to fruition.

So instead of going out after this dinner, I lolled around Gramercy for 2 hours trying to find someone who would stop studying to go out with me, before finally deciding to go home at 10pm to study Chinese.

The only consistent thing I did right today was study Chinese. Obviously, this language is my calling.

Blarrrhhh, as can be seen by all the instead's, I did absolutely nothing I planned on doing or wanted to do today. GUYS, it was CINCO DE MAYO. These are the times I wish I went to some sort of party school.

There's a reason why Yonsei was a fucking memorable semester of my life.

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