Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the simplest things

Since I hadn't gone outside all day, I decided to grab some Popeyes for dinner as an excuse to go outside and because I had to satiate my craving for juicy fried chicken. I walked the far, far trail to the Popeyes near the 4,5 stop to find that it was closed for renovation.

Sad that I couldn't fulfill my fried chicken needs, I settled for Burger King because I am the health god.

After I bought my food, I headed back to my apartment in my T-shirt, mismatched skirt, and out-of-place flip-flops, and it began to rain. Now I had to rush home instead of enjoy fresh air.

When I got home, I completely forgot about the rain, despite the fact that I love rain.

I've been losing sight of the things I love.
-board games
-exploring new spaces
-music on repeat
-Japanese dramas

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