Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not to be that person, but really guys, idk how yall don't understand why I have low self-esteem when these are the kinds of comments I receive:
  • "You look nothing like your Twitter photo. You actually look good in it."
  • "I used to think she was pretty. Now I think she looks more like you."
  • "Wow, she looks nothing like you! She's so pretty!"
  • "There's actually a difference between the Chinese. For example, the Hong Kong-nese are the ugliest... Constance looks the most Hong Kong-nese."
  • Getting killed in every MFK game that I was included in
Spiral of doom. I gorge on McNuggets every night, depressed about my life, only to get fatter and elicit more of these kinds of comments on me, leading me to gorge on more McNuggets, leading me to get fatter and elicit more of these comments.

I only have the one day, in Korean class, when I was paired up with Yohan for the assignment, and he told me how I looked good with my hair up, and how I look good in yellow, to hold onto as my thread of hope that someone will want me some day.