Thursday, May 24, 2012

much better than I thought

I'm gradually getting my life back together.

-I just had my first dentist appointment in a year today and have picked up flossing again. Bad habits are hard to break, and good ones are just as hard to pick up. Let's hope this one lasts.

-Because of the appointment, I had to wake up before my usual 2pm, so today's the first day that I've had three full meals since... months ago. It feels pretty great to eat food at regular intervals, although I did sneak a munching of Pop Chips just now at midnight.

-I have a hair appointment tomorrow AND an interview (fingers-crossed for that). It's a Skype interview, so boo having to wear real clothes, but yay for no pants! After all that, I have a bunch of errands I have to run.

-For the big day I have ahead of me tomorrow, I compiled the need-to-do's into a to-do list. I haven't written to-do lists to help me get my life straight for years now, so organizing my life again was so refreshing via el to-do list japones above. Side note, when did my handwriting become so neat all of a sudden?

-The other day I cleaned the whole apartment, and I had never felt so satisfied in my life. I've still managed to keep the apartment clean since then, putting things back where I got them, washing dishes immediately after I use them.

-I've successfully worked out for an hour every day since a week and a half ago. My thighs have never felt so tight.

-Almost caught up with my shows! 2 more episodes of Mad Men and 2 more episodes of Veep. Then perhaps I shall get started with Homeland?

-I splurged yesterday and went out of my way to buy Popeyes for lunch/dinner/the meal of the day. To my luck, the Popeyes I went to in Chinatown was having a deal where you show your Popeyes receipt to the new bubble tea store next door for a free milk tea. Juicy fried chicken + milk tea = won at life last night.

I'm kind of doing a terrific job trucking along on my own these days.

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