Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm getting fat :'(


Even though showers are such a hassle, when you're out in the humidity that sticks to you like Saran wrap, the post-shower comfort is the greatest feeling in the world.

Other miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Ever since senior year of high school, I've recorded in a planner the main points of every day in my life, meaning that so far I have the last 4 years of my life recorded in little journals. This summer has been the worst ever in my life because I've done absolutely nothing productive (I always successfully accomplish my goals during summers :[ New York is the worst.), yet I still don't find time to do real things. So the other day, I decided to fill in the past 2 empty months. To do so, I dug through my texts and chats for these past months and realized that my whole life can be pieced together through these technological records. Thank god for that, but also, kind of scary.
  • I realized that I don't have any close girlfriends to talk to about guy stuff. I mean, I talk to Patrick about guys, but it's not the same as talking to a girl about them because we wanna be girly about it, rate them, MFK, etc. Even though he's gay, Patrick's still a guy, so he prefers to not talk about feelings and shit. I also just have other worries I want to discuss, and guys don't care. I wanna have girls' nights and hit on guys at bars together. I always go out with just two guys by my side, so I'm already unapproachable, never mind whatever factors of mine could already be repulsive.
  • I spent two days in a Barnes & Noble last week just reading and it was one of the best uses of my time here this summer.


  1. I think living at a vegan place makes you lose weight. I'm not sure if I've gotten skinnier yet, but my tummy doesn't stick out as much as it used to. I LOVE TALKING ABOUT FEELINGS! Especially with Brian. He actually talks about this kind of stuff with me. Dude, if I'm ever in NYC with you, I am totally up for the whole hitting on guys at bars thing.

    1. Weird that Brian likes to talk about feelings, but jealous that you have someone who will. I guess he does seem more like the sensitive type.