Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have these ideas of realistic stories I want to write but realize I have no authority or any insight on writing them because I've never had the experience.

Relationships is a big aspect of stories that I'm interested in writing, but I've never been in a relationship in my life, so I have no idea how they would actually work. Any one that I would create would be an imitation of what I see in movies and TV shows, making it feel completely unoriginal and generic. I could ask myself what I would do in that situation, but when you're head over heels for someone, all logic goes out the door, so any logic I try to inject into the story would in turn not feel right.

There might be a life lesson to be learned from this. I probably need to go out and have more experiences.

Or I could just write what I know and only ever write about sad, single girls.

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  1. Sad stories about single girls are awesome because many people (me included) can relate very well to stories of unrequited love.