Monday, August 27, 2012

Fox Tuesdays

Check out the cool swag I got from today's advanced Fox screenings I attended! We watched the pilots for Ben & Kate and The Mindy Project, and then a live stream of a Q&A with the Fox stars in LA. I totally have to say, the Ben & Kate pilot was actually my favorite of the two. Quite honestly, I wasn't planning on giving it a chance at all because the premise seemed so generic, but it was so well-written and hilariouss. Lucy Punch is so HIL4RZ, but I'm so in love with Dakota Johnson be my new best friend okbye.

Also, Nick is so unfunny on New Girl, but Jake Johnson is such a riot in real life! I couldn't stop laughing. Max Greenfield, on the other hand, is so much more subdued than Schmidt is, but still a darling. :)

New addition to my wall~
I ♥ TV


  1. I love TV as well! I haven't checked out any new shows yet..the only ones I know of are like "Revolution" and "Arrow", which were both not rated very well. Anyway, I'm excited for the fall shows to begin, and the ben+kate one looks really funny :)

    1. You can go watch Ben & Kate online now!! The first episode is up! It is super funny and already on my must-watch list for this season (:

    2. errr actually I think you can just watch it on Hulu if you don't want to like the FB page~