Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry anything to you.

Merry Christmas from Texas~! :)

This year's haul of gifts include:
- Scarf - from Cindy
- "Book" in which my siblings wrote messages to me - from Anthony
- New laptop! - from "parents" aka me

I haven't opened the laptop yet because I've used this one (my old one) for much too long, and it's hard to part ways with it. Plus, I'll have to customize it all over again to have all my bookmarks and programs, etc. Oh, first world problems.

I guess I've been pretty productive ever since I came home. I've finished applying for 5 internships so far, but I still feel like I should apply for more. I'll do that when I get to New York. I got to see family, hug and kiss adorable adorable Anthony, played jetlagged Mah-Jong with Lauren, Jordon, and Claudia, and lunched with Iris for a few hours at Panera Bread.

I have to start properly packing for my trip back to NY, bahhhhhhh.

But I still have things left that I want to do here :(
-59 Diner
-Denny's for chicken fried steak breakfast
-See Callie and Fang
-Lazily watch television in the comfort of my own home

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