Sunday, December 4, 2011


The plan yesterday was to go to 압구정 and party at Monkey Beach, which is supposed to be this awesome Thai-style bar, and possibly meet up with super hot James.

Cam and I had dinner at Taco Bell (surprise) beforehand and spent our usual too many hours there. Everyone was ready to leave, but they all wanted to take a taxi there. It was only around 10pm, so Cam and I decided the two of us would just take the subway there and find our own way to Monkey Beach.

WELL, by the time we reached our transfer station at 을지로3가, we had just missed the train to 압구정 and the next one was going to be in 20 minutes, so we were like fuck it and decided to taxi to 압구정역.

First off, it took us a little too damn long to hail down a taxi. Fucking Koreans and being racist against foreigners, they would either not stop for us completely or stop in front of other Koreans instead. The taxi drivers here are such dicks. We finally got one, and he drove pretty dangerously and pretty damn quickly. When we had to pay, I decided to pay with card, but it was declined, so Cam paid in cash. We're both pretty sure we double-paid for that shit.

We found a website that had pretty detailed walking directions from the station to Monkey Beach, so we followed exactly what the first step said: "Walk straight for about 10 minutes until you see Galleria." We sure as hell did not find the Galleria, which is supposed to be this huge ass department store that you couldn't miss, so I had to start asking fucking every person who walked by us. They kept sending us farther and farther away from our starting point. Thank fucking god that I'm currently learning the 교통 lesson in Korean class right now because I would not have been able to ask for directions or interpret what was being said otherwise.

We walked for about an hour or so and still could not find Galleria for some annoying reason. And the Galleria wasn't even our final destination- we still had to find Monkey Beach and meet up with everyone.

We ended up in this weird alleyway, which we totally knew was not the right way, despite what everyone else's directions were leading us to. We cracked a joke about how we were gonna find Monkey Beach before we even reached Galleria.

One minute later, we found Monkey Beach before we reached Galleria.

Irony's such a bitch.

Well, I had totally walked off my dinner by that point and was hungry as hell, so our brilliant minds decided it'd be a great idea to just down some soju and Red Bull to make up for the night. Immediately got drunk.

Monkey Beach wasn't worth going through all that we went through to get there. The buckets of drinks were pretty cool to drink out of, but it was super crowded and no hot guys.

Hugest bummer of the night: hot James didn't even come and probably isn't coming back to Seoul, and Scott told me that James had totally wanted to fuck me. Goddammit.

Cam and I left the place at around 4am and went to Burger King to eat meal #3 of the day. We stayed there til about 6:30am talking about getting laid, and then walked back to SK and went to bed at 7am.

Classy night.

Lesson of the story: Fuck Galleria.

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  1. I totally want to meet super hot James, haha. I cannot follow maps and I think transferring subways is a pain, so I usually take a taxi if possible.