Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The last of 2011

I'm so sad that I haven't been able to write recently, but I'm happy that it's because I've been having too much going on to find time to sit down and write---Wait.

My new laptop is not the entertainment PC I picked out = no super awesome speakers AND NO FUCKING BLUETOOTH.

Jetlagged forever for the first few days I was back in Texas. Had to buy a last minute plane ticket to NY to find a new apartment. I'm glad I got to have a super chill night of chatting on my bed with Lauren, Callie, and Jordon and a nice long lunch at Panera with Iris before I left for the city for the first time in a year.

To be honest, I kind of dreaded going back to New York because it represented everything that I wanted to escape: the reality that I am alone in this world, the classes that I don't super want to wake up for, the future that I must figure out on my own. But when I landed and stared out the window in the taxi to Manhattan, I was overcome with the magical presence of the city with the skyline of the Empire State building, the Chrysler building, and all the buildings. I remembered what drew me to this city in the first place, and I knew I could muster the willpower to make it through this.

To sum up the 4 days in New York that I don't care to talk about:
-I hate dealing with brokers.
-Manhattan is so fucking expensive to live in.
-I've missed having everything within easy walking distance.
-I really really really still want to live in East Village and do not mind paying the $3500 monthly rent for the triplex I loved on 10th Street, but alas, a rooming situation is based on compromise and I will be living in Financial District for the year of 2012. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
-I am not allowed to shop for the next few months or so after the shopping I did in those 4 days.

December 30th was a blessed day for me:
-Got all my apartment shit together
-Got to know the area that I was going to be living in
-Found the pair of shoes that I wanted (and am forever thankful to the nice Asian lady who sold them to me for half off- ♥ Racism ♥)
-Finally got to buy my plane ticket back home to my beloved Texas
-Treated myself to Blue 9 & a full-priced NY movie ticket to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (which made me realize that I am not smart enough to enjoy films.)
-Packed and rested peacefully for my 5:40am flight the next day.

AUSTIN: December 31, 2011 - January 2, 2012
I landed in Texas at 8:30am and had to start packing for the impulsive trip to Austin with Lauren and Jordon. We left for the road trip at around 2:00pm and grabbed Jack in le Box to go. Yay for the Jumbo Deal being back.

When we got to Austin, we made an HEB run to buy champagne, cider, and lemons for our NYE festivities. Callie later joined us and we all chilled in Lauren's really nice apartment playing Trivial Pursuit. Then we grabbed a late dinner at Kerbey Lane.

Now it was time for our NYE festivities to start, and what better way to celebrate than with a super quick game of team Trivial Pursuit while sipping on Woodchuck ciders? We popped open the bottle of champagne at midnight with little fanfare. Bah champagne- still don't like it, just like I don't like wine.

We then sat around, chatted, and FB-stalked as Lauren and Callie smoked and I took four tequila shots and couldn't get drunk (To quote Cameron: "thx 2 Korea"). We had our sleeping arrangement planned out earlier in the day, but when 4:00am rolled around and I was ready to hit the sack after running on 5 hours of sleep, we all just crashed in Lauren's room and shared the two twin beds.

The next day I woke up at 9:30am somehow, so I did crossword puzzles and Sporcled for a while until everyone woke up and we headed out to lunch at Ming's. Then we wandered the UT campus, checked out the turtle pond, and chilled in the empty fountain.

We went back to the apartment and just sat around talking until we went on another HEB run to buy ingredients for dinner. I showered when we got back and then rewatched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec over dinner. We then attempted to play the Arrested Development drinking game, but it didn't pan out as we wished it to, and we ended up just watching episodes without drinking. Since that kind of failed, we played a few Korean drinking games (which everyone couldn't really get into :( ) + Thumper + King's Cup + Poker (~Hold'em AND 5-/7-card stud~) until I got tired around 3:30am and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at a more reasonable noon hour and we all left random videos on each other's FB walls and then headed out to Whataburger for lunch. We then went by Carolyn's apartment for a bit, that cute little place, and shortly after, packed up to go back home.

The drive back was one of the most fun 3-4 hours ever. Lauren and I blasted music to sing along to the whole damn way, and there was not a lull in the affair. 90's music is always the way to go.

I got back home just in time for dinner. Then I proceeded to plan a hangout with Fang, and we eventually decided to go to Denny's at 11:00pm with Lauren, and I finally got to eat my long-awaited Chicken Fried Steak + Eggs meal. ♥ :9999

I forgot about my love for Jeopardy (!!!), but it was reawakened by Lauren who nudged us along at around 1:00am to make it home in time for it. BUT Fang is lame and doesn't like Jeopardy (OR Trivial Pursuit OR Catchphrase WHAT IS HIS LIFE), so I had to drop him off at his house. Then we went to Lauren's house and watched Jeopardy and Friends while I eventually got distracted by Angry Birds curse Lauren for making me download it

That was yesterday.

And that's why I haven't been writing.

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