Monday, March 26, 2012

Every Thing

This job hunt thing is making me realize that I need to be more open-minded.

I used to be so lax about everything. I accepted everything, but that was because frankly, I didn't really have an opinion about anything. We had a mock election at school in 2004; I voted for the independent candidate. I don't even remember his name, that's how much I really didn't care. Favorite food? Pizza, because that was the easiest answer to come up with. I really didn't mind it. And by god, favorite TV show? Whatever was on.

I think it's this 'growing-up' phenomenon, and being in college, that is giving me perspective on the world and in turn, giving me an opinion. But when I started having in opinions near the second half of high school, I chose to be one-sided. I chose to just have one opinion and not the other. Political views? Conservative. Favorite food? Mexican. Favorite TV show? Ok, my having several favorite TV shows reflects the fact that my love for television was burgeoning during this time.

I don't like Sci Fi, so I don't read Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, much less watch the movies. I don't like reality TV, so I can't choose to turn on Real Housewives or Jersey Shore. And shut the fuck up, you organic vegan yoga-loving cult. I actually like food that tastes good.

But I guess when it comes to most things, deep down, I've always not been too stringent in my tastes. These days, I'm slowly starting to open up again because it's in me to be able to.
  • I say I'm conservative, but really, I'm just fiscally conservative and socially liberal (just like many other women out there). 
  • Yeah, I like Mexican and am not a big fan of the vegan organic craze, but I also like Italian, and I'm starting to try new foods and realizing other things taste good out there. In Singapore, I felt so ethnic eating all the different foods and quite liked laksa, prata, and murtabak. Just last Saturday, I went to eat Mediterranean food: hummus, tahini, chicken, and pita. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of it, but at least I know for sure now because I've tried it.
  • And TV. I will always be a comedy person, but good television is good television. The Voice is pretty good for a reality competition, and as far as a group of "real" people living together causing drama, The Glee Project was my first tiptoe into that realm and I actually enjoyed myself this past summer. Awake is sort of sci-fi-y, and I love the premise. I'll get to Homeland this summer, I promise. It'll take me a while to warm up to Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey though, if ever. I'm even considering watching The West Wing and possibly even Battlestar Galactica, idk. Ok, I can go on forever when it comes to TV sooooooo stopping now.
As I'm looking for a job, I realize I have to let go. I have to start accepting a lot more. They say growing older makes you more close-minded, but I think if we're actually becoming more aware of the world, we should be more open-minded. You really have to be more open-minded to realize new things you might love.

I interviewed with Oxygen a couple of weeks ago for an internship, but the whole time, I kept thinking about how I wouldn't enjoy working there because I'm just not a fan of its programming, minus The Glee Project (teehee), because I just don't like reality. Needless to say, my attitude affected my performance during the interview greatly, and surely enough, I didn't get the second interview. But actually, I'm starting to warm up to the idea of reality because it's entertainment, and that's pretty much what people watch TV for. Most of the time, you really don't want to think. And who am I to say I don't like reality? I really enjoyed The Glee Project. I obviously have a place in my heart for "bad" television.

So my prof says he can hook me up with a chance to interview with Syfy. And in this business where cinching the job depends solely on networking, this opportunity is a much better get than the rest of my applications in which I have no people on the inside. But I didn't email him back right away because the thought kept running through my mind: "I don't like sci fi, I don't like sci fi."

But I love TV. And if I want to be there, I need to take whatever I can get for now and stop limiting my chances just because "I don't like sci fi."

Maybe it's not that I need to not care about things anymore, but that I should maybe give everything a chance.

Before you know it, I'll be giving online dating a shot in my lonely 30's.

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