Sunday, March 25, 2012

The way with words

I find that confidence and articulation go hand in hand because I'm normally so inarticulate, but I realized it's because I'm usually protecting myself- I always think that everyone else knows more than I do, or that I actually don't know anything- so I never believe in what I'm saying and end up being constantly inarticulate.

But when I feel that I have leverage over others, when I feel that I do have an authority position over other people, somehow, words just seem to flow like glitter.

I'm so much more articulate when I write than when I speak because I can hide behind words and not have to attach a face. When I talk, my words become a bunch of puzzle pieces you can't seem to fit together.

This almost makes me seem like an introvert, but strangely, I'm not. I don't get embarrassed when having to strike up a conversation with new people, but what I'm saying should make me so. Word tossed salad.

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