Monday, February 6, 2012


5 Things That Made Me Happy Recently:
  1. Being artsy - Creativity opens the mind. I hate being in this business school where even though they strive for "innovative thinking," no one here seems to expand their mind beyond finance and stocks. The other day, I handmade 6 coasters and started making my planner, and both activities made me as gleeful as can be.
    I like the 2 on the bottom left the best. :)

  2. Self-sustainable living - No, I'm not as hardcore as this wording comes off as. By "self-sustainable," I mean my being able to fend for myself in survival skills. I prepared all my meals on Friday- grilled cheese, spaghetti, ramen. Albeit, they aren't the healthiest meals, but I'm gettin' there. I even worked out! But only for 30 mins instead of the designated one hour D:
  3. Cheap grocery shopping in Chinatown - omg, I didn't realize how cheap food in Chinatown was!! I bought a box of fresh Driscoll strawberries for $1.50, a bag of clementine oranges for $2.50, a pound of grapes for $1, and 2 heads of broccoli for $1. :D Ahh, the cheapness is tingling my Asian genes to giddiness~~
  4. The most recent episode of Parks & Rec - It was so great!! I haven't laughed so hard in so long. Classic Parks & Rec being classic. :] And omg Martin Starr! I had to pause the TV so that I could sufficiently freak out.
  5. Knowing TV to a good extent - In TV Management, I was able to answer several questions regarding the technicalities of the television industry, making me feel so knowledgeable about the industry I want to be in. I also just love that class. ♥

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