Sunday, February 19, 2012

thou shall complete thy tasks

My dream handwriting.
I'm currently just browsing Goodreads to look for books for me to read, but the thing is, I'm currently reading both The Trial and The Idiot and not even close to finishing either of the two. I do the same thing with TV shows. I'm not even fully caught up with Archer or done with Bored to Death, but just yesterday, I decided to start marathoning Veronica Mars. Finish something, me! D:

And what happened to me wanting to write once a week? I'm sad to say that I haven't even written anything for a second. I'm really enjoying reading the writing book that Iris got me for my birthday (<3) but then I just don't get up and start writing. I just read about writing and think about writing and I'm sitting here writing about writing for god's sake, but I don't write.

I have so much homework this President's Day weekend and of course, I've just wasted my time away doing nothing. I'm not even in the mood to shower right now. Why my life.

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