Saturday, January 28, 2012

Totes sorrs 'bout bein' AWOL

WAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm so upset that I haven't been able to update recently, but omggg, I did not know that furnishing an apartment was such hard work. I'm glad to say I'm finally done. With my room.

Now all I have left is the kitchen/living room. Our refrigerator is currently occupied with only two gallons of milk and eggs. Oh, and a recent purchase of aloe and 2 apples. Aww yeaah.

But I really don't wanna talk about these past two weeks. So hectic, and I now officially hate apartment-related things, including furniture, my past love.

My first week of classes was pretty chill. On Monday, I had class from 8:00am to 9:00pm, which was pretty crazy, but I somehow managed to make it through. However, I dropped my 4-days-a-week 8:00am class, so I didn't have to go the rest of the week, meaning I literally only had 2 days worth of classes, aka 5 days of break weekly. So I haven't really been feeling like I'm back in school again, since it's been so lax.

It sucks living down here in Financial District though because I just get too lazy to go uptown to where the wild things are. I haven't left my apartment all day today. Did I mention it's a Saturday?

I guess it's not completely wasted. I forced Patrick to come over at noon to help me build my dresser (Also, never want to hear the word 'IKEA' ever again.) because I'm such a weakling. He ended up staying the whole time and left a half hour ago around 10:00pm. It was pretty chill and actually not a bad time. We Seamless-ed for both lunch and dinner (which reminds me, bastard still owes me money): lunch on my half-finished dresser as a table and a picnic dinner on the floor with cardboard as placemats. Then we just kind of chatted and did our own thing in my room. It's really nice to have someone with whom you can hang out like that and not feel awkward.

I'm kind of surprised that Patrick and I are still good friends after what happened in Korea. Actually, we're a lot closer now than we ever were before. But I guess since I've never really fought with any of my friends before, I just automatically assumed that the friendship was over. Now, though, we're kind of better than ever.

And the boy just made me remember that my Thursday class starts this week. Damn not having any more 2-day weeks. It was fun while it lasted. :( Fingers crossed on Advanced Chinese then!

Just to leave yall with a little something:
The state of my room currently. Decorations aren't up and everything's still not organized yet, so once that's done, we will have an updated pic. :) For now, I exhibit my beloved windowsill of space for clutter and my lip beanbag ♥.

The only part of the room that I'm proud of so far: my wondrous closet space and my bookshelf♥! I love having my own room~

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