Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leaving the best state

"Have a good rest of your life," I said to people as I left them this week.

I'm kind of done with the having fun portion of my life now. I've completed a whole year abroad, and now I have to settle down and work, work towards surviving the rest of my life.

I'm overcome with that feeling of dread for New York again.

But it's because I associate New York with the scary uncertain future, and Texas with the comfortable wonderfully-remembered past.

This basically means I have to become super rich so that I can fly back home whenever I want.

Let's do this, world.


  1. You will do fine because your'e an awesome person, Constance :). I'm always going to be there for you even if I'm in Texas, remember that ;). I cannot wait to see you again Constance !

  2. Carolyn, why don't you have any posts? Now I can't stalk you, haha. Anyway, Constance, you should totally update us on what's going on in NYC!! And isn't all our goals to become super rich with a hot husband??