Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm now starting to think of life in terms of what I can put on my resume, since I'm in the middle of rigorously competitive internship applications, and the lack of interesting things to put in my 'Interests' column is really starting to doubt the uniqueness I'm supposed to have as an individual.

Everyone keeps saying I'm such an interesting person, but when I ask them to name one reason why this is so, they can't.

So guys, what new hobbies can I take up that would make me a more interesting person? I have about 2 months to incorporate these into my life before I have to start applying for summer internships.



  1. Well I love artsy things, so I would say hobbies that involve creativity such as writing, drawing, etc. On my resume my interests are digital art, photography, and like intramural soccer or something.

    I think something interesting about you is that you're not afraid to speak your mind, and didn't you used to make some outfits with a sewing machine?

  2. Join a lesser known sport. I joined Judo Club just to have something to talk about in interviews.