Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Productive Ways I Spend My Days

Today, I:
  1. Well, hadn't done laundry in almost a month, so that had to be done first. 
  2. 21 Jump Street was on TV so had to watch that because best movie ever.
  3. When laundry was done, before I could fold it, I had to pick the best playlist to fold clothes to because priorities ok. My "LETS FOLD CLOTHES" playlist is still a work in progress.
  4. My room was a pigsty, since it just felt easier to throw things on the floor the past few weeks instead of in their rightful places because Sandy. Can't work in a pigsty though, amirite, so had to clean that up.
  5. Made this bracelet stand in the process because there was a toilet paper roll and cardboard amid the mess.

    I am totally legit with crafts: had magazine pages spread out all over my floor and made a glue + water mix -- papier-mache, bitch.
  6. Remembered that Glee was trending on Twitter on Thursday, so had to watch this week's episode to see what all the hype was about even though I don't watch Glee at all LOL. Twitter hype probably wasn't about Blake, but omg Blake
  7. Defeated all the available levels on Bubble Mania finally waddupp
  8. Wow, A&M beat Alabama. Even though I'm a Longhorn at heart, good job, Aggies, doin' the state of Texas proud.
  9. Finally got around to starting that major grade paper that I've put off for 3 months. Still in the outlining process, until I started getting sleepy, so first, I looked up foods that keep you awake and realized my body defies all because I had eaten everything on the list in the past few hours except for spicy foods. Then I decided to just run intensely in place + do pseudo-squats (does anyone remember how to do real squats???) to wake me up, but it all ended up making me more tired... what is my life.
I think I did more today NOT working on my paper than I do on normal days not doing anything at all.

And I still haven't started writing my PRL paper lol.

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  1. I love how doing laundry tires me out, and I feel all productive even though I didn't get any schoolwork done. I have a "let's fold clothes" playlist, it's basically a dubstep playlist and it's sooo energizing. I feel like I can take on the world afterwards with that music buzzing within me.