Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A List

1. 90+ degrees today in New York City and yet I still chose to wait outside for 2 hours in Central Park for the free Indecision in the Park comedy show. All I got was this pretty nifty pin, but free ice down my shirt would have been nice too.

2. Because it was so hot, all I wanted to do was go straight home and eat Reese's ice cream and watch The Glee Project, but alas, a shower was necessary first. Showering is such a chore because I never want to take the time to get under that spitting stream, but once I am under it, it's too comfortable to get out. Showers probably represent my future relationships.

3. Even though I had established a pretty steady sleep schedule of 5:00am-3:00pm these past two months, for some reason, last night I naturally got sleepy as fuck at 11:30pm and woke up at 7:00am. Never has waking up early registered as natural brain activity in my life. Therefore, I naturally suspect something may have gone awry last night with my body.

4. Luckily, I did wake up so early because today was my first day of work. The word "design" is in my job title, meaning that I will have to engage in some design activities, so now I have to fucking crack down and own Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop like they're my fucking children in the course of these next few days so that I can design something that doesn't look like a fucking asstwat.

5. Cameron and Kayla came to visit me in New York for the past few days, so I had to lug out the mattress for Kayla to sleep over. Now that it's here neatly sprawled along my floor though, it's so much more convenient and comfortable guhhh to just computer here rather than move it back into storage so that I can reach my desk again. It's perfectly normal to have a computer mattress and a sleeping mattress as separate entities in one room, RIGHT??

6. I'm going to see a free advanced screening of Magic Mike tomorrow!!!

To me:


  1. Congrats on getting a job! I am dying of jealously right now, since I have always wanted a design job. I know how to use all those programs, so if you need some help or something like that I will be of use to you. Or you could just google tutorials.

  2. I really like your number 6~~
    and ommgg you are watching glee project? who are you rooting for?;)
    miss you!

    1. I still don't know yet. None of the characters have really appealed to me too much. Personally, I like Charlie as a person, but I don't think he'll win. :/ Aylin has a lot of the flair and uniqueness that I think could bring her to the top.

    2. Yeah Charlie is a good guy. Wait,isnt he already eliminated? Idkkk..I am just glad tyler is gone..god damn,sometimes that kid..just..mannn
      Aylin is pretty good,very different from the rest.
      I personally like Abraham and BLAKE BECAUSE THEY ARE CUTE!~ <3 lol

    3. Yeah Charlie got eliminated in the last episode, I wrote that before I watched it )': poor guy I wasn't ready for him to leave